Real music, new sound

Lady Gaga puts on a shocking performance with fake blood and more at this year’s VMAs. (credit: Courtesy of Sebastian Chenelo Donoso) Lady Gaga puts on a shocking performance with fake blood and more at this year’s VMAs. (credit: Courtesy of Sebastian Chenelo Donoso)

Everyone witnessed the events that occurred at the MTV Video Music Awards. We saw Beyonce’s one-in-a million performance, Pink swinging in midair, and the talk of the town: Kanye West taking the microphone from Taylor Swift. But in all of this madness, did anyone notice that the VMAs are hardly even about music anymore?

Last year, Britney Spears won just about a thousand awards for her recently released song “Piece of Me,” but some have said that she may have received those awards because MTV felt bad for her and wanted to encourage her re-entry into the music world. It seems like just about all of the female nominees won an award in each category, just to be fair. People seem to come to the VMAs not to perform, but for a performance. What I mean is that the VMAs are the perfect opportunity for people like Kanye West and Lil’ Mama to come out and do something outrageous that will be talked about in the media and remembered for the next year.

Senior economics major Brianna Agyemang agrees and discusses how MTV plays fewer videos now than they used to. “I thought MTV stood for Music Television. Maybe I misinterpreted the meaning,” she said. “Awards aren’t given for how good the music is, but I feel like they give awards to people so the fans don’t get upset, regardless of what the best video may have been. I’m talking about the categories that fans don’t vote for. Lady Gaga and Beyonce both had videos that were never done before and Taylor Swift had ... a video that we have seen before. High school girl chases high school boy. Really? Are you serious right now?”

CD releases are coming out every week, and many of these are artists we haven’t heard from in a long time, like Whitney Houston, and some are artists we hear from every day. But no matter the case, the spotlight always seems to be taken by someone who does something, either planned or spontaneous, that is aimed at gaining attention. Lady Gaga had a very interesting performance of her hit “Paparazzi,” where she bled and then was hoisted above her backup dancers. Then, later in the show, she appeared in a red outfit that covered her face and raised above her head something that resembled a crown. Now really, for what other reason would anyone wear an outfit like that if not to gain the paparazzi’s attention?

Music has changed in so many ways. It is hardly about the content of your song or the creativity of your video. Nowadays, it seems that music is all about popularity and

how many fans have been generated over the year, allowing just a few artists to take over the industry. Maybe we can look forward to more next year as each generation brings something new along with it.

Music is heard everywhere in the world today, and so many people can make music. Music is in the footsteps we make, the sound of the car engine revving, and even the shower turning on. Even though music is everywhere, it is still difficult to get quality sounds and honest music from those who claim to be artists. Maybe the term “entertainer” has taken on a more literal meaning as artists now are all about entertaining by any means necessary. They keep their fans encompassed in their daily lives by performing the most ridiculous stunts. So, let’s wait until next year to see what happens.