Did you know?

100 Years Ago
Sept. 22, 1909
Hail to the new Margaret Morrison class! A news brief from the beginning of the year indicates that due to the scarcity of out-of-town girls, there won’t be a dormitory for Margaret Morrison this year. Those from distant cities are told to find their own homes. It’s somewhat depressing to know that Carnegie Mellon has always been lacking on the female side of the gender ratio.

50 Years Ago
Sept. 23, 1959
An editorial board cartoon shows things that students should stock up for Homecoming. Among these items are a buggy, cherry pop, and “beverages which we are not allowed to mention in college publications XXX.” It’s a shame they couldn’t print the words $%# and %$#%& back in the day — a real shame.

25 Years Ago
Sept. 25, 1984
In a Forum article titled “In search of: The Ultimate Slice of Cheesecake,” the author laments how he has just recently discovered the joys of cheesecake and expresses his happiness at no longer being a “cheesecake-virgin.” Hmm, I’d think most college students would be a little more concerned with a slightly different type of virginity than the cheesecake variety.

10 Years Ago
Sept. 20, 1999
Did you know that during the late ’90s, The Tartan’s comics page was inhabited by the likes of Dilbert, FoxTrot, and a few other name brand comics? I’m sure you didn’t, which is why I’m telling you now. Not that it matters now, of course, like many of the things I write here. In fact, I can’t wait for future “Did you know?” writers to comment on how the late 2000s were completely lacking in humor.

5 Years Ago
Sept. 20, 2004
An editorial board piece calls for a reform to the Student Dormitory Council (SDC) budget, specifically in regards to Buggy and its huge, and largely unchecked, budget. The piece notes that while all organizations receive the same amount for Buggy, SDC has loads of funds that could be redirected. Who would have thought poor college students would ever take advantage of excess cash here at Carnegie Mellon?

1 Year Ago
Sept. 15, 2008
After months of anticipation, Senators Barack Obama and John McCain announce their running mates, Joe Biden and Sarah Palin. Wow, can you believe it has only been a year that we’ve been making fun of nearly every single aspect of Palin’s existence? But it’s okay; she can see Russia from her house.