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Starbucks, GWAP, and Juicy Couture

Carnegie Mellon alumni have made numerous contributions in the realms of design, computers, film, and beyond.

Tales from abroad: Miraflor

How many cups of coffee do you drink per semester?

Real music, new sound

In all of this madness, did anyone notice that the VMAs are hardly even about music anymore?

Stomp makes garbage sound good

The international hit Stomp premiered at the Benedum Center in downtown Pittsburgh last Tuesday.

Burn Burn ignites the crowd

Our Lady Peace blends old favorites with Burn Burn to fire up crowd.

Julie and Julia follows recipe for success

What makes Julie and Julia remarkable is that life goes on for the characters after its disasters.


Guy meets girl. Girl loves guy. Guy is a jerk. Guy kills his best friend. Guy loves girl. Girl’s got another guy.

Everything you need to know

Get some advice on how to find the right job and how to keep that long distance relationship.

Did you know?

Find out what was different about the comics section 10 years ago.

Dollar movie

Catch Johnny Depp in his moving role as Edward Scissorhands this Saturday.


This week's list of events.


Find out what the end of Mercury's retrograde period means for you.

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