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West’s actions will not take away from popularity

You should know that you have messed up when the President of the United States calls you a “jackass.”

“Barbie Fashionista” trivializes fashion, girls’ ambitions

Mattel has released a video to promote their new “Barbie Fashionista” line that has caused me to bring up our favorite plastic friend once again.

Blogs should be protected by First Amendment rights

By now, most people are aware that employers scour the Internet looking for information about their potential employees.

Evidence in Mumbai terrorism case should lead to convictions

My home is a mere three hours away from Mumbai, and I have many relatives living there.

Spray chalk detracts from look of campus

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a multitude of displays advertising extracurricular groups all over campus as they gear up for recruitment.

Obama’s leaked comment breach of integrity

According to ABC, President Obama has dipped his toes into pop culture.

University involving campus in many G20 events

By now you’ve heard, probably many times, about the G20 Summit’s rapid approach and the numerous events that are coming along with it.

Leadership Perspectives

I‘ve done it again. I have gone and volunteered myself for a position that will subtract time from and add stress to my life. I am in heaven.

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