Dining exhibits new options

Credit: J.W. Ramp/Publisher Credit: J.W. Ramp/Publisher

Free food was available throughout the University Center last Tuesday as the campus was presented with a Taste of the Tartans, a Dining Services showcase of all the dining options available on campus. Rangos Hall was home to this endeavor where students sampled food from the new café that will arrive in the Gates Center as well as food from the company in charge of our vending machines.

“It was a good way for people who may not be on a meal plan to get a taste of the food on campus without having to dip into our pockets,” said Chakana Mentore, a junior history major. “I was really impressed by the quality of the food. It really makes me consider jumping back on the meal plan next year.”

Along with the food vendors, tables were set up to represent green practices, offering information and tips on how to be environmentally conscious. Dining Services also set up a table where entries into a raffle for prizes were being taken. Winners could receive coupons for discounts at vendors on campus.

“I like that Dining Services is being more interactive with the students this year. With the addition of CulinArt, I’ve noticed more reasons for students to get excited about eating on campus, such as the coupon cards and the discounts often offered at the different eating locations,” said Saskia Op Den Bosch, a junior cognitive science major with a minor in Chinese studies.

Along with featuring the new food available on campus, Taste of the Tartans also served to promote other changes in dining, such as the Monthly Premiere program. This Thursday, in the Tartans Pavilion, CulinArt will sponsor a marathon of seasons one and two of the television series The Office from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m., followed by the season six premiere at 9 p.m.

There are also many other dining special events, including half-priced menus, raffles, samples, and nutritional advice. Providing healthy eating options was a student concern that Dining Services wanted to address.

“We know [students] have enough to think about without worrying about [their] next healthy meal,” said Anna Bullet, one of the culinary and nutrition specialists available to the campus community.

“I really appreciate Dining Services’ interaction with the student body and how they really care about our opinions and concerns,” said Eduardo Benatuil, a junior economics and global politics major and member of Student Senate. “When Kim Abel came to speak at our Senate meeting, she demonstrated that [Dining Services] is invested in pleasing the campus.”