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Student dies after fall in stairwell, officials say

A Carnegie Mellon student died Thursday in a stairwell in Wean Hall, officials say.

New dining options bring new vendor, changes to meal plans

If you have ever felt uninterested or unsatisfied with the food selection at Carnegie Mellon, get ready to have your interest revitalized and your taste buds tingling.

Crime creeps closer to campus with recent armed robbery

In the early hours of Sunday, August 16, a Carnegie Mellon student was robbed at gunpoint at the intersection of Forbes Avenue and Margaret Morrison Street.

First-year ban from Greek quad mere rumor; truth revealed

One particular element of our campus community, that of Greek life, experienced a multitude of changes over the past few months.

New smoking policy in full effect on campus

Smokers coming back to campus may be greeted with more than a hello from University Police if they are caught smoking outside one of the designated areas.

New dean of student affairs arrives

The Division of Student Affairs just gained its biggest student advocate. Karen Boyd, the department’s new dean, is committed to further improving relationships with students across campus.

Campus prepares for H1N1

There are 477 dead in the U.S.; 7511 hospitalized; 51 states and territories affected. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the situation an official pandemic in June.

Campus News in Brief

Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business and H. John Heinz III College have been recognized on the 2010 list of “Military Friendly Schools” by G.I. Jobs magazine.

Lecture Previews

On each of the 20 days preceding the summit, the University of Pittsburgh will feature a different G-20 country with presentations on the cultural and economic aspects of that country.

Stats speaking

Most people have read the statistics regarding how many prospective students were accepted versus enrolled or what the average high school GPA was for the incoming first-years.

Crime and Incident

Suspicious Person
Aug. 1, 2009
A faculty member reported that an unknown person had entered her office. Once she approached him, he left.

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