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15th annual Mobot races entertain all

This year's Mobot races were exciting and entertaining, with one team breaking the record time for completing the race and the others displaying great technological innovation.

How Things Work: Powered exoskeletons

“Powered exoskeletons” are exactly as they sound; they are skeletal frames worn by humans that can enable the wearer to lift heavy objects, run large distances, and even jump great lengths.

Health Talk: Tay-Sachs disease

Children with Tay-Sachs disease appear normal at birth, but at around 3 to 6 months they develop symptoms ranging from deafness and blindness to dementia, and eventually succumb to the disease.

Health Line

Recent research has shown that women may be able to produce eggs even later in life.

Sci/Tech Briefs

Scientists have discovered bacteria that live on iron under an Antarctic glacier.

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