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Soft-drink tax not the answer to health problems

Soda giants all over the country just might be in for a shock.

UK labeling kids as potential terrorists extreme, harmful

Throughout my years of elementary school and middle school, I saw teachers branding students as “brilliant,” “dumb,” “absolutely abysmal.”

Pittsburgh has tea party to protest economy

April 15, the deadline for filing taxes, saw a rather unique form of demonstration...

Censoring of school newspaper unacceptable

According to the practice of Ohio Wesleyan University, literally trashing, as in throwing away, the independently run campus newspaper is acceptable...

Employees offered chance to get paid for no work

You may have noticed that we — along with pretty much every other media source — harp every week on how the economy is not doing well.


For years, students have been unhappy with the current on-campus dining system.

Letter to the Editor

This letter is in response to the April 13 article, “Students get free admission.”

Letter to the Editor

While I agree with Joe Bialek’s support for embryonic stem cell research, as indicated in his letter to the editor (April 13)...

Leadership Perspectives

Last weekend, Carnival took over campus while campus media organizations, such as The Tartan, worked to provide coverage of the events.

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