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Grafitter wins annual Smiley Award

The Smiley Award, given to projects that are clever and creative, was awarded this year to Ian Li for his Grafitter project.

Student innovations honored at CHI conference

CHI is the foremost research and professional conference in human-computer interaction, which this year took place from April 4–9 in downtown Boston.

How Things Work: Cloning

Learn about cloning: the different types of cloning, how it is done, and the controversy surrounding stem cell research.

Health Talk: Migraines

Migraines affect nearly 28 million Americans, but go largely unnoticed and untreated.

Sci/Tech briefs

Jaguar, the most powerful computer ever dedicated to science, is capable of answering questions regarding supernovas and climate change.

Health Line

A new study has shown that multivitamin tablets may not be as safe as was previously thought.

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