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International perspectives

The idea of studying abroad has a fascination that catches everyone’s attention.

From Kennywood to Adventureland

Last Tuesday evening, Carnegie Mellon students piled into McConomy Auditorium for a prescreening of the new film Adventureland.

P.J. and her boys are back on the air

My Boys, an original series from TBS that first aired in November 2006, is set to launch its third season Tuesday at 10:30 p.m.

B.U.S. rides inspire sharp performances

B.U.S. 4 Bricolage Urban Scrawl featured local theater artists creating and presenting six different 10-minute productions created in under 24 hours.

Tales from abroad: Durban

South Africa is a country of intense contradictions.

College Girl receives an “R”

Reading College Girl makes people more optimistic about their situation.

CD dropbox

Get some new music for your collection from these not-so-popular bands.

Britney makes fans cry ‘gimme more’

The Pussycat Dolls opened the Britney Spears’ Circus concert last Friday at the Mellon Arena.

Dollar Movie

Don't miss Revolutionary Road and Gran Torino showing this week.

Did you know?

Find out the cause of a fire in a bathroom in Morewood Gardens last year.

Everything you need to know

Get some advice on how to deal with annoying family members of Facebook and fitting in at college.


Is the world moving to an existence where memory is so fragile it can disappear in a flash?


This week's list of events.

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