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American Physical Society meets in Pittsburgh

Last week the American Physical Society held its March meeting in Pittsburgh and lectured on topics ranging from biological physics to condensed matter physics.

Professor prevents AIDS through needle exchange

Caroline Acker, an associate professor of history, has been distributing clean needles to drug users in Pittsburgh and recently received the 2008 Benjamin Rush Individual Public Health Award.

Conference blends together art and programming

The art and code conference combined the aspects of art and programming in order to develop user friendly programming languages.

Health Talk: Synesthesia

Synesthesia causes people to see colors when listening to music and be able to taste words.

How Things Work: 3-D movies

Learn the science behind 3-D movies, which have the power to make the audience experience things that are hard to do, such as para-gliding or dodging a flying asteroid.

Health Line

A recent study shows that more Americans are opting for medical treatments abroad due to rising healthcare costs in the U.S.

Sci/Tech briefs

Recent reports have revealed that there may be liquid saltwater present on Mars.

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