Did you know?

100 years ago
Mar. 24, 1909

Plebes (Tech first-years), as always, are insulted in a Carnegie Tech-esque joke. Here, the student is told that when mercury leaves a thermometer, all that remains is a vacuum. The dumb plebe’s response: “What does a vacuum look like?” It’s okay, plebe. No one in Carnegie Tech at that time knew what a Roomba looked like.

50 years ago
Mar. 25, 1959

Tech rejoices as it receives a whopping $113,700 in research grants. These grants support studies in positronium and equilibrium measurements in reactive metal systems at high temperatures. Thankfully, with the grant money, the high temperatures could now be achieved through a special radiating device, rather than the previous method, which involved sticks, matches, and furious hand rubbing.

25 years ago
April 2, 1984

The Natrat, the annual prank issue of The Tartan, makes a joke out of pretty much everything. Even the movie section features ridiculous titles. For instance, Infinity will be playing, whose plot is you, watching the movie Infinity. Also included in the events page is a barn raising, a hacking competition, and “Shamlet,” or Hamlet performed replacing “h” with “sh.”

10 years ago
April 5, 1999

Pizza Outlet’s name isn’t just a joke. Boasting a special of 10 large pizzas for under $50, Pizza Outlet has got pizzas in bulk and is selling them dirt cheap. Such news reminds us of better times, when utilitarian-named food businesses kept to their word. Now, the Spaghetti Warehouse barely stores any of its products for extended periods and The Cheesecake Factory still does not have an assembly line.

5 years ago
March 22, 2004

The Tepper School of Business is born. The front page of The Tartan displays a horde of people dressed in bright red Tepper School T-shirts, rejoicing the renaming of GSIA to honor the $55 million donation from David A. Tepper to Carnegie Mellon.

1 year ago
March 24, 2008

Noted for his work in The Cosby Show and speech at the 2007 commencement ceremonies, Bill Cosby delivers to the campus a Scottie dog named “Maggie,” which will be taken care of by a professor. The dog will now be a real-life mascot for the school. While many were excited about the new dog, others were disappointed. The delivery of Maggie ended all debate about having any alternate school mascots, such as The Highlander, The Blogger, or even Bill Cosby himself.