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Stewart mixes news, comedy in new vein of journalism

Move over, network news anchors: A comedian is here to stay.

Cell phone technology interferes in court case verdicts

The technological revolution that the world is experiencing is old news these days.

AIG legally bound to honor execs’ contracts

The recent fervor over the $165 million in bonuses paid out to executives of AIG has received widespread media attention.

Letter to the Editor

There were several ambiguities in the Feb. 7 article “Online higher education company gains popularity” describing the company 2tor...

Letter to the Editor

As a fourth-year architecture student, I would like to respond to the March 2 article, “Schools of Art, Architecture should work together.”

Government involvement in AIG positive

AIG, once the largest insurance company in the U.S., has been in the news ever since its collapse in September and the consequent taxpayer bailout.

Lack of publicity for elections disappointing

Student government elections will occur in less than a week, yet there has been little publicity from either the elections board or the candidates.

Teachers should not be denied the right to strike

While students may look forward to the mini-vacation that strikes can bring, many other members of the community do not share their elation.

Leadership Perspectives

This weekend, our Student Government began a new transportation initiative (you likely saw posters for it plastered on campus) called the Loop Bus.

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