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Microsoft TechFest showcases innovations

Researchers from Microsoft Research labs presented their innovative designs at Microsoft's annual TechFest.

CMU students bring the Penguins straight to your phone

A team from Carnegie Mellon has developed the Yinz Cam, which can enable viewers to watch the Penguins game up close, on their cell phones, at the Mellon arena.

Aubrey De Grey

Biogerontologist, Aubrey de Grey, gave a lecture on the process of aging and how aging can be stopped altogether.

Health Talk: Encephalitis Lethargica

Learn about, Encephalitis Lethargica, the mysterious disease that affected millions shortly after the first World War and resulted in a number people entering comatose states.

How Things Work: OpenCL

OpenCL is a new computing standard because of which code can be written on any type of processor.

Health Line

Recent research has shown that children who display anti-social behavior in elementary school are likely to have adolescent depression.

Sci/Tech briefs

Archeologists in Peru have discovered the fossil of a giant, 10-million year old bird.

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