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Celebrating Darwin’s 200th birthday

This year marked Darwin's 200th birthday. This article is a tribute to the naturalist's life, works, and theories that revolutionized the field of biological sciences.

Carnegie Science Center displays special Darwin exhibit

A team consisting of Carnegie Mellon researchers and researchers from the Duquesne University have developed an exhibit where viewers can interact with a virtual Darwin and ask him questions.

Students display innovative designs at Tech showcase

Last week, as a part of National Engineer's Week, students from the Carnegie Institute of Technology displayed 12 engineering projects at the technology showcase.

Health Talk: Rain Man Syndrome

Learn about Rain Man Syndrome, a disorder in which people suffer from autism or mental disability, but are gifted with some sort of prodigious skill.

How Things Work: Radiocarbon dating

Carbon dating has been an extremely useful archaeological tool and has helped identify the ages of specimens ranging from Stone Age men to Egyptian mummies.

Health Line

Scientists have proposed a new theory to explain Alzheimer's disease. This new theory states that Alzheimer's disease is caused due to a disruption in neuronal signaling in the brain.

Sci/Tech briefs

A new CT scanner can enable scientists to look at the facial features of mummies without having to open the caskets and damage the mummies.

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