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Sex, money, and comedy

The School of Drama puts on a play set during the Restoration period in England.

Scotch’n’Soda performs serious courtroom drama

Scotch'n'Soda performs an intense courtroom drama.

Tribal dances, flirty dresses, and boxer shorts

SPIRIT's fashion show, "Glamour Aftermath," showcases different styles of clothing.

Tales from abroad: Karachi

Discover Karachi through the eyes of a student.

The evolution of fashion

The Taiwanese Student Association puts together their annual Lunar Gala fashion show.

Expressing love without words

The Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre presented its rendition of Romeo et Juliette, showcasing the beauty and elegance of dance and music.

Campus chic

Learn to save money and still preserve your sense of style.

Madea is back with the same old thing

Read a review of Tyler Perry's new film.

Did you know?

Find out when the Qatar branch of Carnegie Mellon was established.

Everything you need to know

Sometimes, it's tough to go to Carnegie Mellon, especially when you're surrounded by whiners and nerdy stamp collectors. Find out how to deal by reading on.


Pay close attention to your surroundings while listening to ambient music.

Dollar movie

Find out which movies are playing during "Armageddon Week."


This week's list of events.

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