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New car blurs line between speed, sustainability

More publications should be like Wired, and more products — although not necessarily more cars — should be like the Ultimate Aero EV.

Barbie brings plastic perfection to fashion

“I’m a Barbie girl/In a Barbie world/Life in plastic/It’s fantastic.”

Motion-picture companies battle over rights to release Watchmen

What do you get when you cross two major motion-picture studios and a cult comic book fan following who have waited for the premiere of Watchmen?


The high of this election season has begun to fade, and the students of Carnegie Mellon seem to be back to life as usual.

New campus publication brings humor, wit

Along with The Tartan and the other news sources regularly distributed on campus, a new publication demands your attention: The Weekly Slant.

Stem cell policy change shows science is a priority

After years of heated debate on the issue of stem-cell research, the FDA’s approval of embryonic stem cell testing is surprising — yet welcome — news.

Changes to President’s website result in new, sleek look

Just as President Obama was being sworn in, another change was occurring, unbeknownst to the millions standing outside the Capitol that cold afternoon.

Leadership Perspectives

I hope that everyone is enjoying the Pittsburgh winter weather and had fun last night watching the Steelers in the Super Bowl.

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