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Republican leaders embody stereotypes

With the release of Sarah Palin's autobiography and Levi Johnston's photos in Playgirl, the Republican Party has a lot to worry about.

Looking at a different kind of science fiction: Portrait of a call girl as a scientific researcher

Belle de Jour recently revealed herself to be Dr. Brooke Magnanti, developmental neurotoxologist, cancer epidemiologist, and apparent literary figure.

Leadership Perspectives

As your Student Body Vice President for Finance, my role is to oversee the spending of the revenue generated by the student activities fee.

Online social networking sites lead to burglaries

A recent arrest of several California youths combined crimes in a bizarre affair involving the burglaries of several Hollywood celebrities’ houses.

Speech to students important part of visit

President Obama's recent trip to China was, for the most part, hardly worth mentioning.

Addition of “unfriend” to dictionary reveals insecurity

On Tuesday, the publishers of the Oxford English Dictionary decided that “unfriend” was their word of the year for 2009.

New technology allows for robotic passengers

The Affective Intelligent Driving Agent is a robot designed by MIT that is meant to sit in the passenger seat to help improve people's driving habits.

Ravenstahl’s “fair share” tax refutes basic economics

You just can't rationalize with a 5-year-old. Luke Ravenstahl approaches the city's problems with the rationalizing capability of a 5-year-old.

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