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New research café a boon for CMU, Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette covered the opening of its CMU Research Café downtown, an initiative of the Center for Behavioral Decision Research.

Brazilian student expelled for short skirt

This article isn’t meant to either further or diminish stereotypes; it describes a situation that goes against anything remotely associated with them.

Moving off campus may not be as attractive as it seems

If you are considering moving out of those smelly, cramped, noisy, and expensive dorms, this piece is meant for you.


A California-based religious organization is coming to Carnegie Mellon to hand out On The Origin of Species including their 50-page introduction.

Leadership Perspectives

My fellow constituents, classmates, and friends, it is time for us to organize.

Mayor’s “Fair Share” tax an unfair burden on students

Mayor Ravenstahl wants Carnegie Mellon students to pay more than $400 extra each year because the city of Pittsburgh needs to balance its budget.

New $7M land purchase needs to prove its usefulness

Carnegie Mellon has just agreed to spend $7.5 million on a half-acre plot of land that previously housed a gas station.

Letter to the Editor

I will not ever be in a position to pay Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl’s proposed 1 percent college tuition tax, but I must decry its unfairness. Taxing...

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