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I hid a love letter in a book for you

Let me tell you more. Visualize that I am sitting in a coffee shop, one that is mostly metaphorical.

Say What?!

As a sophomore computer science major, I was looking forward to the opening of the Gates and Hillman Centers since I first visited Carnegie Mellon.

RIPA in Britain restricts people’s rights to privacy

Right now, as I’m writing this article, local officials are standing behind me, watching and taking note of every letter, every sentence I type.

City should charge college students small tuition tax

Pittsburgh is host to thousands of residents who take full advantage of the city’s services without paying any property taxes back to the city.

Biden voices opinion against Obama

It takes a strong personality to hold the dissenting view in the room.

Times layoffs reflect recent media changes

On Oct. 19, The New York Times, the newspaper with the largest staff in the United States, announced it will cut 100 newsroom jobs.

Changes to FTC regulations affect Twitter, blogs

Bloggers’ continued efforts to take over the world have been noticed by someone in the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Leadership Perspectives

I have a problem. Whenever someone asks me to take on or apply for a position of leadership in an organization, I can’t say no.

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