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Fareed Zakaria speaks at CMU

Fareed Zakaria, CNN host and editor of Newsweek International, opened the Pittsburgh Middle East Institute’s conference last Wednesday.

Carnegie Mellon EHS sets mock dorm room on fire

As part of Emergency Awareness Day, a mock dorm room was set on fire and extinguished by firefighters this afternoon on the Donner Ditch.

Lambda Sigma builds Cardboard City

Last week, an event titled Cardboard City took place on the Cut to raise awareness about homelessness in Pittsburgh.

Google adopts CMU reCAPTCHA creation

On Sept. 16, Google announced that it had acquired reCAPTCHA, a project first created by Carnegie Mellon computer science professor Luis von Ahn.

Café spreads language dept. awareness

This past Wednesday, the coffee lounge in Baker Hall near Ginger’s Express was the setting for the Polyglot Café.

Walking to the Sky art piece is more than just pole in ground

The campus community has watched as Pittsburgh’s fall showers have delayed the progress of the reconstruction on Carnegie Mellon’s iconic art.

Stats speaking

This past weekend, President Obama gave a speech to the largest LGBT lobbying group and political action committee in the United States.

lecture Previews

The lecture entitled Listening to Students will focus on how Carnegie Mellon utilizes student survey responses to understand students’ experiences.

Crime and Incident

Suspicious individuals pepper the campus in this week's Crime and Incident report.

Campus news in brief

Campus informs community of world affairs and educates it on health and safety.

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