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Freedom of speech, media limited in South America

Writing for a newspaper, it is fairly obvious that freedom of speech is something that is important to me.

Library closings take away culture from city

Last Tuesday, the Carnegie Public Library of Pittsburgh voted on and announced the closing of four of its branches throughout the city.

Awarding of Nobel Prize to Obama undeservedly early

On Friday, the Nobel committee announced from Norway that U.S. President Barack Obama would be this year’s recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Students should consider getting swine flu vaccine

The swine flu vaccine is here. Finally.

Lengthening school year is not the right way to increase scores

The college bubble may soon engulf even more of our lives, if President Obama and the Secretary of Education have it their way.

FCEs need to be made useful to students, staff

It is highly unlikely that students will ever fill out the Faculty Course Evaluation (FCE) for their classes.

Art on campus should invoke discussion, interest

The pole is down. Long live the pole.

Leadership Perspectives

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