Did you know?

100 years ago
Jan. 27, 1909

The date for the annual junior prom is announced for Feb. 22. This gives students enough time to prepare for the demanding dance schedule listed. The sequence begins with a two-step, followed by a waltz, followed by another two-step, and so on. Clearly, students of 1909 have not yet been exposed to the sultry three-step.

50 years ago
Feb. 11, 1959

An ad for cigarettes shows a girl walking out of her date’s car because he doesn’t have a smoke. The ad states, “Many a girl would rather walk home than do without Camels.” With the advent of the anti-smoking age, this ad would now definitely be ineffective.

25 years ago
Jan. 29, 1984

The computer science department is pushing for an autonomous department. Computer science rock star Herb Simon said that he would not push for the move, but he doesn’t find it “terribly objectionable.” Computotron 3700 feels differently, however. Both it and millions of other computers protest by making sure that Windows doesn’t work properly until Carnegie Mellon gets its own computer science department. The change occurred, but the protest still hasn’t stopped.

10 years ago
Jan. 25, 1999

Morewood is preparing to open The Underground, Carnegie Mellon’s new feeding station. A major goal for The Underground is to provide a sandwich, a side dish, and a dessert for under $5. This marks a golden age in Carnegie Mellon dining, as students can now choose between The Underground and The Original Hot Dog Shop for their daily dose of heart failure assistance.

5 years ago
Jan. 26, 2004

A theft during the last week at La Prima results in the loss of $10 worth of SoBe drinks. Suspects in question include mountain climbers, extreme sportsmen, and anyone willing to take life by the horns.

1 year ago
Jan. 28, 2008

Applications surge up 19.2 percent. This, coupled with no intention to make the undergraduate class size larger, factors into making getting into Carnegie Mellon pretty close to impossible. A pre-college ambassador states that she knows girls who would “kill to get into the drama program.” Fortunately, murder is not a requirement for admission into Carnegie Mellon... yet.