Did you know?

100 years ago
Jan. 20, 1909

In an age of rampant indulgence and lollygagging, The Oakland Savings and Trust Company advertises with a good dose of moderation. Boasting that it tries to “treat its patrons just a little better than any other bank,” Oakland Savings offers superior service, but nothing that would cause you to succumb to a hedonist lifestyle.

50 years ago
Jan. 14, 1958

Carnegie Mellon chooses the representative from Delta Gamma as its Thistle Queen. The decision process was “very difficult,” and involved interviews that covered art, show business, and future plans for education. The winner is a major in home economics. However, she is not planning on attending graduate school, as a doctoral thesis would prove to be too theoretical.

25 years ago
Jan. 22, 1984

Core curriculum coordinator Andrew Achenbaum vows to crack down on poor writing by instituting university-wide standards on required writing courses. The current basic level writing class may accept fewer exemptions for incoming freshmen. Thankfully, we can all see that this writing problem has been remedied. Now, if only we can solve the problem of computer literacy on our technology-disabled campus!

10 years ago
Jan. 18, 1999

“A Person’s Opinion” asks students about traditions they follow during the holiday season. A history major eats greens and black-eyed peas for money. Another student washes her face in a water and silver coin solution for wealth in the new year. Not all traditions were so innocent to the economy. An economics major claimed that his family invested in sub-prime mortgage lending.

5 years ago
Jan. 26, 2004

The Zebra Lounge is finally open to the public. The lounge, which was a dream of CFA’s Dean Martin Prekop, had been in construction for a few months. Prekop led the creative design of the café, built tables and chairs, and painted the furniture with the characteristic black and white stripes that lend the coffee shop its name.

1 year ago
Jan. 21, 2008

Students willingly came back several days early to participate in Summit, a three-day program offering classes ranging from gun shooting to knitting. Students have compared the event to a less awkward version of Orientation, Evidence is strong toward this claim as the mini class “Standing Ovation: A History of Playfair” had no participants.