Italian food for good friends

Spaghetti Warehouse is the perfect destination to sate a craving for Italian food, as well as a need for some fun and adventure. The food is an assured upgrade from campus food, and the trip to 26 Penn Ave. (just board the 54C going downtown) is pretty quick.

The restaurant itself is very eye-catching with flashing red and white lights on its signboard. The building, too, is unique. Modeled like an old warehouse, it is filled with colorful, mismatched antiques. The walls are an interesting collage of pictures of old singers and cars, along with a few pipes jutting out here and there. There are also antiquated fans at the bar, which look like massive flower petals moving very slowly, and are quite fascinating to look at. Adding to the effect is the dim lighting provided by colorful lamps hanging from the ceiling.

The seating arrangement is large and varied. The restaurant has seating in different rooms, and interestingly enough, the different sections have been named after different rooms of a house, like “the living room” or “the bedroom.” One of the most remarkable places to sit, however, is at one of the tables placed in a special re-created compartment of a train.

On the whole, the setting is quite stimulating to the senses: good music, colorful artifacts everywhere, and the smell of good food.

The choices on the menu provide all the Italian specialties, with a special section for spaghetti. The restaurant has an option of “make your own spaghetti,” which allows the customers to pick which combination of sauce (marinara, neapolitan, alfredo, or garlic butter, among others), meat, and vegetables they would like. The cheese ravioli is a good option, being pleasing to the palette with its delicate flavor. Nevertheless, a better cheese ravioli can still be found at Joe Mama’s on Forbes Avenue. Another tasty option would be the crab-crusted shrimp. This would be ideal for garlic-lovers because it has a rich garlic taste along with a crunchy-crumbly texture.

What might make the customers think twice, especially if they are college students, are the prices. While entrees only cost between $7 and $9, an entire meal, complete with a drink and dessert, would be roughly $18. On the plus side, though, the servings are large and compensate for high prices. The pasta dishes come with salad — the honey mustard dressing is exceptionally good.

The desserts are especially delicious, so save room. The brownie is delectable, served right from the oven with ice cream on top. The tiramisu is also tasty, and is rich and strong in flavor.

All in all, the food is not to die for, but with its friendly ambiance and good service, Spaghetti Warehouse provides a good place to have a fun night out with friends or family.