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High heart attack survival in Seattle

A recent study has shown that the chances of surviving a cardiac arrest are better in some places than in others. Graham Nichol, director of the University of Washington’s Center for Prehospital Emergency Care, looked at outcomes of a cardiac arrest from 10 different North American cities and states.

The results showed that Seattle had the highest survival rate, at 16 percent. Alabama followed with 3 percent and the rest were even below that. Nichol attributed this difference to the fact that the people of Seattle are well informed and the Emergency Medical technicians are experienced and reviewed by physicians daily.

Source: Newsweek

Unsafe pedicures cause infections

Dina Tsentserensky, a podiatrist in New York, claims to have seen patients suffering after having a supposedly luxurious pedicure. The most common problem is fungal nails, in which a fungus develops underneath the nails. According to the National Institutes of Health, treatments for fungal nails are only 50 percent effective and these infections usually result in loss of the diseased nail.

Eight years ago, the Centers for Disease Control found over a hundred patients with an infection, mycobacterium fortuitum, caused by unsterile footbath screens. This infection resulted in boils and long-term scars.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, making sure that the proper safety procedures are followed, and at least ten minutes are taken between each person to properly sterilize the footbath are good techniques to the leave the nail salon infection-free.


Current flu vaccine to be more effective

Health officials are claiming that this year’s vaccine will prove to be more effective than last year’s, as it contains protection against three influenza strains and there will be plenty to go around. This year, the Centers for Disease Control is recommending even more people to get the vaccine. Children of 6 months to 18 years, all adults over 50, health care professionals, people who are pregnant, and those who have chronic illnesses are recommended to get vaccinated.

There are close to 36,000 deaths and 200,000 hospitalizations from the flu every year. It is highly recommended to get a flu shot early in the season.

Source: HealthDay News

Warnings on energy drinks suggested

Energy drinks such as Red Bull do not carry labels with the amount of caffeine in one serving. An energy drink can contain more than 500 milligrams of caffeine, whereas a regular cola drink contains 35 milligrams and a 6-ounce coffee contains up to 150 milligrams.
In a study conducted at Johns Hopkins University, researchers stated that such energy drinks should carry warning labels.Some symptoms of caffeine intoxication include anxiety, insomnia, tremors, restlessness and in some cases, even death.

According to a survey, 27 percent of college students mixed energy drinks with alcohol. This can be life-threatening because caffeine can give the drinker a false sense of alertness that the drinker may not actually have under intoxication of alcohol.

Source: The New York Times