Campus chic

The resurgence of menswear for winter runway shows has opened the door for androgynous dressing, with a few updated twists. The designs at Yves Saint Lauren are constructed with a woman’s shape in mind, and their collection of high-waisted, pleated wool pants curved to elongate the legs are sure to create a most coveted silhouette. Also popularized is the over-sized “boyfriend” blazer that’s longer and tailored to curves and easy to throw over to look grungy without being over the top.

However, runway’s ready-to-wear isn’t exactly ready to wear; what’s more exciting is how fashion shows and trends are displayed, and then translated to meet practicality and affordability. The genius behind wearing menswear-inspired styles is how great it looks when the rest of the look is kept feminine.
That is exactly what Shu Ming Lim, a sophomore H&SS student, does; she gets the menswear trend right, and gets ready for fall at the same time. Her thrifted flat lace-up boots look sharp, especially in contrast with the rest of her outfit. To prevent the boots from being overwhelming, Ming shows off her figure with slim pants and a fitted cardigan.

This year, designers focused on boots that hit the middle of the shins, a change from the traditional knee-high boots and the more recent ankle boots. They’ve kept their wearability, but it is trickier to keep the boots from making legs look short and bulky. Like Ming’s outfit, it’s important to let the boots shine, and streamline the look to keep it feminine.

Xin Wang, a Chinese exchange student at the University of Pittsburgh, wears her shin-length Chloe boots just right. Showing them off with bare legs, the details on her boots are breathtaking, with zippers and snaps that keep her boots luxe. Again, Wang wears them with a simple sheer dress, another great trend popularized on runways this fall.

As with all trends, it’s crucial to make sure they fit you. If masculine or shin-length boots aren’t flattering, go for the always chic tall, flat boots, available at J.Crew and Banana Republic for prices that can’t be beat. For those who are on the lookout for the season’s trendiest boots, Urban Outfitters offers a great selection for moderate prices. Newly expanded to the United States, Topshop.com also has pages of chic shoes, inspired directly from the UK.