Junior Jon Spero has had a successful couple of years with the Carnegie Mellon men’s tennis team, and has more to be happy about with his recent UAA Athlete of the Week honor.

Coming off a home win against Robert Morris University this past Thursday, men’s tennis aims to continue its triumphs on the tennis court. This week, Spero spoke with The Tartan about living in Pittsburgh and his favorite aspects of Carnegie Mellon.

Tartan: What was your favorite event to watch during the Olympics?
Spero: The tennis, of course. I also liked watching badminton because I had never watched the sport before and I was impressed with their reflexes.

T: What made you decide to stay in the Pittsburgh area for your college education?
S: My season tickets for the Steelers.

T: Where is your favorite place to go in Pittsburgh? Where is your favorite place to travel?
S: I just like Pittsburgh in general, I wouldn’t say I have a favorite place. Shadyside and Squirrel Hill are really nice areas. As far as a favorite destination to travel, I would have to say Paris.

T: What aspect of business interests you the most?
S: I definitely want to go into finance and most likely algorithmic equities trading. I like the infusion of technology and the decision-making processes that come with that type of trading. They make a lot of money, too.

T: Is there a particular sports brand that you favor? Why?
S: When I was young I used to wear all Nike, but then I started to prefer Adidas. Our uniforms are supplied by Nike, so I guess I have to lean towards them again.

T: If you could make a movie about your life so far or what you want it to be like in the future, what would be the title?
S: I am Legend.

T: What do you like to do the night before a match? Are there any pre-match rituals that you can’t go without doing?
S: The men’s team always goes together to Max & Erma’s restaurant the night before a home match. We’ve been doing it since the beginning of my freshman year.

T: Have you had any bizarre experiences on Carnegie Mellon campus?
S: Third floor of Morewood E Tower during my freshman year was pretty fun. Too many stupid things happened for me to even remember, but my floor was filled with styrofoam packing peanuts for about a week, so you couldn’t walk on anything that wasn’t white.

T: What Carnegie Mellon tradition is the most interesting to you?
S: I’d have to say Playfair because I met my girlfriend there, and Carnival is great, too.

The men’s tennis team faces more action Oct. 4–6 at the ITA Regional Tournament at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Va. The women’s team will attend their ITA Regional Tournament this coming week.