Last week, business administration junior Joshua Kresge was honored with the UAA’s Football Defensive Athlete of the Week nomination and continues to have success as a key player for the team. Off the field, Kresge took time with The Tartan to discuss his academic and entrepreneurial life as well as his hopes for the rest of the season.

Tartan: Were you looking to play football at any other schools? What do you feel that Carnegie Mellon has to offer that those other schools don’t?
Kresge: I was looking to play football at some other schools, but Carnegie Mellon’s academic excellence made it an easy decision. The football program at CMU offers a coaching staff and facilities which other schools do not match.

T: What is an interesting fact that you know about Carnegie Mellon?
K: The flat grassy area in the middle of campus known as "the Cut" was originally a huge ravine, deeper than the tennis courts area. Over the years, it was filled in with dirt removed when the school cut down a 43-foot hill for the College of Fine Arts building and a 56-foot hill to provide access to Forbes Avenue at Morewood. Yes, I stole this off line. I don't know many interesting facts about CMU!

T: What was your motivation for starting your own company, [SLANT12][SLANT12]?
K: My motivation to become an entrepreneur was to gain experience and make a little money. My goal is to launch a much bigger business my first year out of school.

T: If you could start over with school or get a double major, what major would you choose and why?
K: I would double major in computer science because I have an interest in it. I made the entire HammockHutch website myself, and would like to continue learning the new technologies.

T: Where would you like to live once you have started a career?
K: Philadelphia, because that is where my family is, and also because I like the area and its proximity to other major cities.

T: What are your goals and expectations for this football season? Are there any games you are particularly looking forward to?
K: My goal this season is to simply play to the best of my ability each game. As a team, I expect a good season and to have a lot of fun. I’m particularly looking forward to all the UAA games. They are always great matchups and its fun to win those big games.

Carnegie Mellon takes on Hobart College in the team's first home game this year Saturday as the team looks to add another win to its record.