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Ranking systems and Miley Cyrus draw skepticism

Lists, lists, lists! This society is ever so enamored with dreaming up lists, ranking items, and assigning at times arbitrary titles.

An affront to impulse buying

Buying electronics used to be pretty cut and dry: see something shiny, pay a lot of money, experience buyer’s remorse for spending too much money on something...

Remapping the grid: Urban farming and the ‘100-yard diet’

Forget dismal gray concrete and rusted silver steel. The new material that is about to form the building blocks of the urban landscape is green.

FEMA’s efforts may not have been sufficient

With the continued onslaught of hurricanes, the Gulf Coast has been cyclically spewing out and welcoming back its coastal city populaces.

New Activities policies will improve efficiency

One of the greatest aspects of Carnegie Mellon is the strong role students play in determining the allocation of the student activities fee.

Will strategic plan be realized in the arts?

Carnegie Mellon is finishing its 10-year strategic plan. The opportunities for students and faculty to voice their opinions are drawing to a close.

Leadership Perspectives

As president of SPIRIT, I’d like to dispel some falsities as well as give you a preview of events we have in store for the year.

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