Did you know?

100 years ago April 8, 1908

Carnegie Tech’s baseball team is mercilessly slaughtered by West Virginia by a score of 23–0. To help liven the spirits of the humiliated players, a dance is held in their honor. I guess students wanted to give the athletes another chance to score.

50 years ago April 15, 1958

Those looking for swinging times and nite dancing for Carnival ’58 will be pleased see Art Mooney and his band announced in The Tartan as this year’s musical entertainment. With hints of Glenn Miller, Art Mooney’s music mostly focuses on smooth dance numbers. Thankfully, students back then didn’t have to listen to anything like The Roots, who to this day refuse to make tunes that you can waltz to.

25 years ago April 5, 1983

After a long search, a Tartan writer named Nate finally announces a winner for the “Win a date with Nate” contest. To console the thousands who were not selected, Nate highlights the best answers to his application questions. One particular favorite was the student who wrote “Not Hall & Oates” for favorite music.

10 years ago April 6, 1998

A Tartan editorial requests a new system for grading TAs. Suggestions for changing the old system include mid-semester evaluations and minimum proficiency standards. While most TAs see these suggestions as opportunities to improve their teaching, a vocal minority are crying “This ain’t fair!” and “I is good right teaching now anyhow!”

5 years ago April 7, 2003

Students debate whether +/– grading should be implemented. As a test for the system, students received their mid-semester grades with pluses and minuses, a system that continues to this day, just like the debate about +/– grading. According to a Tartan article in 2003, Student Senate strongly opposes extending this kind of grading to final grades. However, that guy that won’t shut up in class about how easy the last test was fully supports the issue.

1 year ago April 9, 2007

The 28X, Carnegie Mellon’s favorite airport-bound public bus, will continue running, ending several months of speculation about its possible X-termination. Had the bus been discontinued, students would have been forced to find alternative forms of transportation to the airport, such as taxis, friends' cars, or one of those bicycles we gave out last year that I can’t seem to find.