Statistically Speaking

On Sunday, May 18, Carnegie Mellon will celebrate its 111th commencement ceremony. With a quick walk down the aisles of Gesling Stadium, seniors will leave the Carnegie Mellon bubble and begin their lives in the real world. Here is a sample of what these students have in store for them, plus a look back at the campus environment they are leaving behind:

Percentage of CIT students who slept more than eight hours on weekdays (in 2005): 3

Median Salary of Tepper graduates: $56,650

Percentage of CFA students who described themselves as living socially extroverted lives (in 2005): 61

Median Salary of IS graduate: $58,600

Average hours spent per week socializing with friends as seniors (in 2005): 11.2

Median Salary of SCS graduate: $71,750

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