Indoor intramural wraps up with basketball events

Carnegie Mellon Intramurals wrapped up its indoor sports season last week with the conclusion of 3-on-3 basketball and the three-point and foul-shooting competitions.
The 3-on-3 basketball season provides teams that fared well during the regular 5-on-5 season a second chance to win a championship. The 3-on-3 games are significantly less tiring since they are only played to 11 points in the regular season and 15 after the semifinals.
In the Minors league, the final game featured the Beta LeBrons in pursuit of another championship victory following their Minors 5-on-5 win. This time, however, they faced off against a tough SAE team. Once again, first-year Richard Pattison contributed significantly to the offensive production of the Beta team, but unlike their previous championship game, this one did not end in their favor. With the help of sophomore Dan Hudock, SAE managed to hold Beta off long enough to eventually gain a 17–15 victory.
The Majors-Intermediate final continued the trend of exciting finishes with a matchup between Majors basketball champions Beta Something and the reconstructed Intermediate champions, ACF. Beta Something rolled through their 3-on-3 season behind junior Derek Wisnieski’s ability to produce offense in the paint. Unfortunately for Beta, he was not available for the final game. Despite considerable effort to finish with another basketball victory, Beta Something was unable to respond to ACF’s chemistry. Junior Dan Martin made his presence known underneath the basket to control the pace of the game. Combined with the speed of ACF junior Ji Wu, they emergeg with the win 15–11 over Beta Something.
The Team Friggin’ Awesome teams 1 and 2 shared their rosters and therefore were unable to compete against one other in the championship. As a result, Team Friggin’ Awesome 2 forfeited and passed off the women’s bracket championship to team 1.
MRU managed to take first place in foul- and three-point shooting competitions.
In the three-point competition, senior Amrut Pati scored 15 out of 25 in the first round and 16 out of 25 in the second to take the title. Sophomore Vinith Annam made 88 out of 100 free throws to take the foul-shooting title.