IM news

Important Dates
Sunday, March 30
Softball starts.

Monday, March 31
Individual Tennis starts.

Thursday, April 3
Rosters are due for Ultimate Frisbee.

Sports in Season
The finals are tonight.

Individual Call Pool and Table Tennis
The schedules are available at the IM Office. Please play all matches as scheduled and report scores by due dates.

The champion is Joker Joker Duece Baby.

Indoor Soccer
The season has started in the Arena Room. Please stay out of the room if other groups are practicing.

3-on-3 Basketball
The champions were ACF (majors), SAE Bear Blasters (minors), Team Friggin’ Awesome Hoopers 1 (women).

Foul Shooting
The winner is Vinith Annam with 88 out of 100 shots made. The team champion was MRU with 332 of 500 made.

3-Point Shoot-Out
The champion was Amrut Pati with 16 out of 25 made.

Singles Tennis
Brackets are available at the IM Office. Matches start this week.

Softball and Co Rec Softball
The season started yesterday on the stadium field.

The season is underway. Please report all results to the IM Office.

All roster submitted via the web or email are due 24 hours prior to posted deadline.