Presidential Perspectives

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Hey Carnegie Mellon,

Hopefully everyone’s Carnival preparations are coming along well! I understand that the weather and road conditions have acted as a pretty terrible twosome inhibiting Buggy rolls. I want to recognize Sweepstakes Chairman Mizel Djukic and his committee for the tremendous work they’ve been doing in appealing to our administration and local government to get the roads fixed. Perhaps we’ll see the perennial competitors posting even faster times this year! Cheers to Booth as well — I’m sure we’ll read all about them!

Last week, as usual, was an interesting one for Adi and myself. We discussed the end of our term and planned out the legwork for our remaining initiatives. Our entire focal point this year was to establish sustainable programs that didn’t depend on different student body presidents’ volitions to continue their predecessors’ work. We aimed to team up with organizations, some of which you may have never heard of, and others like SDC, a household name, to create long-lasting benefits for the student body.

This week, we worked to plan out the course of the digital Institutional Memory add-on to Org Tracker ( To refresh, Org Tracker will soon contain a section where organization leaders can post internal knowledge that they accrue over their individual terms to pass it on, in written form, to their successors for years to come. That way, as leadership quality fluctuates in an organization, knowledge will still remain. Luckily, the Committee on Student Organizations (CoSO) has been gracious enough to work with us and incorporate Institutional Memory into its bylaws as a part of the re-recognition process. We met with CoSO President Phil Croul and members Mana Amerie and Dorian Adeyemi earlier last week to iron out some details, and should have a final understanding later this week.

Also on our plate is the Fiesta de Primavera. Adi and I had been hoping to create a new tradition to celebrate the end of the year, but found that there was already one in place (just one slightly less hyped than we’d hoped). With that said, let the hype begin! Fiesta de Primavera is set for the last day of classes, May 2. More details will be available as we get further into the process!
It’s your turn to replace Adi, Joel, and myself. Elections will be April 6 through 9 at, so read the platforms available there, and VOTE… or die… not really, just kidding!