Did you know?

100 years ago
March 4, 1908

President Hamerschlag sends greetings from Paris after four weeks abroad. He wrote that he had no problems during his sea voyage to Europe, and that he passed the time by “roaming the decks and breasting the ozone.” “Ozone” refers to the substance in the air depleted in the ’80s by excessive hairspray use, and “breasting” refers to breathing. At least, I hope it does.

50 years ago
March 4, 1958

Sororities publish their annual GPAs. At first glance, it looks like these women are having a tough time making the marks. The average GPA for the sororities is 2.7. After closer inspection, it turns out the average female GPA is 2.525, and the average GPA of the entire school is 2.374. Yikes! In spite of these numbers, I would guess that their SPA, or swell point average, is right near 4.0.

25 years ago
March 8, 1983

Winners for the most "undorm" dorm room are chosen. Participants of this contest decorate their rooms in attempt to get rid of the dorm room vibe. The champions transformed their bland Donner space into a swinging pad, complete with leather chairs and flower vases. While the prize was $300, perhaps a more fitting reward would be exemption from leaving the building during the almost routine 3 a.m. false fire alarms.

10 years ago
March 9, 1998

An unknown hacker sends confusing information over Windows 95 and NT operating systems, causing them to crash. Carnegie Mellon is not the sole victim of this virus. How the hacker managed to crack the bug-free Windows 95 is still a question, but theories point to code that forced computers to perform self-destructing commands, such as playing solitaire and accessing Microsoft Word.

5 years ago
March 3, 2003

Three underage students are caught on top of Margaret Morrison’s roof consuming alcohol. While that sounds like a semi-normal occurrence, get this: It happened at almost 6 a.m. We all know that design and architecture majors have it rough, but do they really have to drown their sorrows before the day has even had a chance to give them any?

1 year ago
March 5, 2007

The RIAA continues its crusade against illegal music downloads, mailing over 400 pre-litigation settlement letters to college students. What’s this have to do with Carnegie Mellon? Well, as of now, nothing. Perhaps the RIAA didn’t check into our school to search for illegal downloading. If you ask me, I think it’s because our students have never downloaded anything illegal. In fact, if anything, we probably give away our music for others to download illegally. Wait, what’s that? That’s illegal too? Oh, never mind.