Student Athlete Advisory Committee on campus

Carnegie Mellon athletics has created an organization for scholar-athletes called the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). The organization enables the students to be liaisons between the 17 varsity sports teams on campus and the athletic department.
The 35 members of SAAC are selected representatives from each varsity program and are expected to promote athletic culture and school spirit at Carnegie Mellon, while also creating closer ties between the athletes, the department, and the university community.
The organization’s main aim is to address important issues concerning athletics and scholar-athletes on campus and in sports at large.
Other goals of the SAAC are to act as the sounding board for varsity programs as well as the entire university, organize community service projects, and create opportunities for non-athletes to be active and participate at athletic events.
The club’s adviser are women’s assistant basketball coach Carissa Sain, women’s soccer head coach Sue Willard, and men’s and women’s tennis head coach Andy Girard.
The three co-chairs are junior basketball player Terrence Bouldin-Johnson, junior soccer player Al Penska, and senior volleyball player Kate Stepp.
“SAAC has done a great job this year with their initiatives to increase attendance at home athletic contests and community events. The students have put in a lot of hard work to make Carnegie Mellon athletics even better than we already are,” Willard said. “SAAC is also doing a great job of getting involved in the campus and local community through community service initiatives.”
SAAC reelectes its members each spring, allowing new voices to be heard, with 12 new spring additions. There will be elections later in the semester for both a male and female president.