Tartan Q&A

The Super Bowl elicits much excitement from a large percentage of football-loving Americans, and with Super Bowl XLII over, The Tartan staff members have reflected upon their favorite (and least favorite) parts and traditions of the Super Bowl, ranging from favorite snacks to favorite commercials.

What’s your favorite food to eat during the Super Bowl?

Nachos! Yummy. —MK

Hot wings! They’re so good, and if you accidentally breathe in the fumes it makes your eyes water. —SS

Not hot wings — a lady doesn’t finger-lick in public! —SM

Where’s the best place to watch the Super Bowl?

In whatever city one of the playing teams is from. Rioting is always sure to ensue. —SS

What do you think of the Super Bowl halftime show?

I think it’s a little overrated. Sometimes it’s good, though. Like Justin Timberlake [revealing] Janet Jackson’s breast to the world was priceless. —SS

Tom Petty is uber-great. —JT

Commercials are better than aged musicians — Stones, Prince, Dylan, etc. —JR

What’s your favorite Super Bowl commercial?

The Budweiser “What are you doing?” series. It makes me feel good to watch people as lame as I am. —SM

I saw a preview for a Justin Timberlake Pepsi commercial, and it was super funny. Mostly because Andy Samberg was in a blonde wig brushing his hair. “Dick in a Box” Part Two! —RC

What’s your favorite football team and why?

The Giants. Someone important told me so. —MK

I’m a Giants fan by proxy — I’m from New York and I really don’t like the Jets. However, after three years in Pittsburgh, I’m definitely a Steelers fan too. —SS

The Steelers, because I go to Carnegie Mellon, don’t know much about football, and am thus easily swayed. —JT

Well, I have family who grew up in Pittsburgh, so I’ve been trained to be a Steelers fan since birth. —LS

What’s your opinion of the Super Bowl?

I’m okay with it — it continues to impress me how many people, guys especially, are enthusiastic about watching men tackle each other in spandex. —SM

I think the Super Bowl is very commercialized, and it’s fantastic. It’s a good time for people to hang out, eat snacks, and go crazy. I’m all about team spirit, so I definitely think the Super Bowl is a big deal. Plus, die-hard fans are just way too entertaining to pass up. —SS

I wish I could go.... —JR

I don’t like sports at all, and football is second after baseball in my “This Makes No Sense; Why Do People Watch This?” list. But, hey, whatever gets people together with the promise of food is pretty good to me. —MZ

Why do you watch (or not watch) the Super Bowl?

To get away from doing my homework, and in the hopes of finding a burning couch or car in the middle of the street afterwards. —SS

To check out what the photographers on the sidelines are shooting with. —JR

Are you glad that this is the last major game of the season (besides the Pro Bowl)?

Yeah. It’s about time for eating competitions to take back the spotlight. —SM

Definitely. I’m so freaking tired of hearing about the Patriots. —AP