Did You Know?

100 years ago February 5, 1908

Following complaints to The Tartan about unclear articles, the editorial staff pleads with its readers to be lenient. Apparently, the proofreader’s translation from the first draft to the final edition loses a good deal. But it’s not from any lack of intellect; the article says, “Remember the printer nor the proofreader of The Tartan is a dunce.”

50 years ago February 11, 1958

The Great Tartan’s Magnificent Calendar publishes its 1958 edition, with a picture of a strapping young gentleman for each month. For January, Bob Marik poses in his Carnegie Tech sweatshirt and thick-rimmed glasses. February offers Hugh Young poring over a textbook in short shorts. The women of 1958 sure had it good.

25 years ago February 1, 1983

Dan Tobias, a Tartan staffwriter, makes a vain and inferior attempt to describe events from previous editions of the Tartan. Using dated jokes and irreverent humor, Tobias shows us how much the “Did you know?” column has grown in the past 25 years. Much like today, he exploits the The Tartan from 1908; Tobias highlights a moment when students cheered for the former director of Carnegie Tech. A worthy story, but clearly lacking in the brilliance that graces the modern “Did you know?” section.

10 years ago February 2, 1998

The Carnegie Mellon hockey club won its third straight game with a decisive score of 8–5. Funny thing is, the game almost didn’t even happen. Lockhaven, the opposing team, arrived 30 minutes late, almost forfeiting, and Lockhaven spent the entire game with an incomplete team of only 13 players. With these kinds of conditions, Tartan hockey didn’t even have to resort to remote control pucks and invisible walls over the goal to guarantee victory.

5 years ago February 3, 2003

The Smoke Free Housing Task Force, defender of the common nonsmoker, presents a bill before the Student Dormitory Council that would prohibit smoking in all campus housing by fall 2004. According to The Tartan, most students disagree with the current policy, as 67 percent feel all Carnegie Mellon residence halls should be smoke free. The study fails to give percentages of students who don’t want to be cool, but my estimates point to a number around 67 percent.

1 year ago February 5, 2007

Meet the Tartan cookie’s best friend: the Tartan waffle! Schatz, in an attempt to make eating at Carnegie Mellon fun again, introduces new Tartan-ized waffles. First the cookie, now the waffle. What’s next? My guess is the Tartan condom: plaid for her pleasure.