Track and field show well at Bucknell

Carnegie Mellon’s track and field team competed in the Bucknell University Winter Class meet Saturday. Both the men and women faced stiff competition from nearly 20 schools, but performed solidly.
Junior Breck Fresen took first place overall for the men’s team in the 3000-meter run with a time of 8:37.36. Sophomore Dario Donatelli (8:46.09) followed with a seventh-place finish. Junior Brian Harvey (4:12.67) and senior Drew Miller (4:22.45) took second and seventh, respectively, in the mile run.
Harvey also took second in the 800-meter dash with a time of 1:56.60. Behind Harvey, sophomore Dan Burrows (2:02.14) and first-year Nate Bussiere (2:02.50) placed 12th and 13th, respectively. First-year J.P. Allera (15:29.44) continued his impressive rookie season with a third-place finish in the 5000-meter run.
In the sprints, senior Eric Tang placed fifth in the 55-meter dash with a time of 6.68. First-year Chris Luther (8.24) took seventh in the 55-meter hurdles while first-year Dan Addis (2:39.20) took 12th in the 100-meter dash.
“My individual performance was okay, but because the competition in UAA has became a lot stronger this year, to defend our title we’ll have to get much better,” Tang said.
Sophomore Chris Bogie (52.54) placed 11th in the 400-meter dash. In the 500-meter dash, junior Craig Hahn finished 11th overall with a time of 1:10.85.
The men’s team also stood out in the jumping events. Tang (6.56 meters) led the team in the long jump with a fifth-place finish. First-years Essein Ohues, Pat O’Brien, and Nick Hagelin finished in the top five in the high jump. Ohues placed fourth with 1.89 meters, and O’Brien and Hagelin tied for fifth with 1.79 meters.
In the long jump, O’Brien jumped 13.05 meters to take sixth place. Tang (12.50 meters) and Ohues (12.26 meters) took 11th and 13th, respectively.
Sophomore James Hulley threw for 13.46 meters, finishing ninth in the weight throw. Junior Chris Fornatro took 10th in both the weight throw and shot put with 13.33 and 12.07 meters, respectively. In the pole vaults, sophomore Chris Bridgman placed eighth with 4.20 meters.
On the women’s team, the ladies dominated the 800-meter run with three runners in the top 10. Sophomore Diane Mattingly finished fourth with a time of 2:23.58. Senior Ashley Bakelmun and sophomore Crystal Lee Pow took eighth and ninth with times of 2:31.12 and 2:32.58, respectively.
“The team did well. I feel that we held up well against Division I competition,” said Lee Pow. “We’re looking strong and showing potential for the UAA [championships].”
In the 400-meter dash, senior Shauna Ormon placed 15th with a time of 1:03.14. First-year Laura McKee (3:10.65) took eighth in the 1000-meter run, and junior Chrissy Krutz (21:00.74) finished 16th in the 5000-meter run.
Junior Sami Simmons jumped 10.40 meters for 13th place in the triple jump. First-year Morgan Faer finished 10th in the shot put with 9.49 meters.
“The level of competition was much higher than at our previous meets. It was a really good experience to run with athletes that were much better than me.... Having competed in two Division I meets in a row here, I’m no longer on the radar,” Faer stated in an e-mail.
“I’ve realized that if I want to be in a position to actually compete with these girls, I have to stop relying on my past experience and talent and start working out of my comfort zone.
“This means we have to work that much harder to overcome this. It can be frustrating going up again athletes that are that much better than us. We are a very young team. I’m very excited to see how we grow with one another and see what we’re like in a year or two,” she said.
The teams compete Friday at Baldwin-Wallace College.