IM Sports

Director: Mike Mastroianni, x8-2214 or [SLANT12]mma8@[SLANT12] Assistant Director: Mike Grzywinski, x8-2214 or [SLANT12]immike@[SLANT12] Secretary: Amy Kiryk, [SLANT12]kiryk@[SLANT12] Student President: Akil Simon, [SLANT12]asimon@[SLANT12]

Important Dates

Thursday, Feb. 14 — Rosters due for indoor soccer by 4:30 p.m. in the IM Office in Skibo Gymnasium.

Sports in Season

Floor Hockey — Schedules are available outside the IM Office. Games have started in the Arena Room. Please stay out of club practices being held prior to IM times.

Basketball — Schedules are available at the IM Office. Games are being played in the UC Monday through Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons. There are 89 teams in the four leagues this season.

Badminton — Schedules are out. Matches start tomorrow on court A in Skibo Gymnasium. Please stay out of gym until varsity basketball has completely finished practice and left the floor.

Individual call pool and table tennis — The schedules will be available on Friday at the IM Office.

The Tartan-WRCT Basketball Ranking
1. Lunch Bunch
2. Beta Fresh
3. Beta Something

1. ACF 1
2. MRU Chip On Our Shoulders
3. Beta Dutchmasters
4. Balling Out of Control
5. Team Old Heads

1. SAE Boston 3 Party
2. Skip to My Liu
3. Shadyside
4. PiKA Varsity
5. Beta LeBrons
6. Beta Throw Back
7. Drama Queens
8. ACF 2
9. Non Beta Ballers
10. Juwana Nacios

1. TFA Hoopers
2. Lady Ball Knockers

All rosters submitted by the web or e-mail are due 24 hours prior to posted deadline.