Best valentine dates

It’s that time again, the time where that special someone is expecting a great, romantic night, and, a few days before the big date, you’re still not sure what you’re doing for Valentine’s Day. If you’re lacking certain romantic instincts, then check out our list of the best Valentine’s Day dates from fact, fiction, and imagination. There are lots of great date ideas out there, from the typical to the insane, so get creative and make Valentine’s Day special.

The Old Standby: Sometimes keeping it simple and playing it safe can be the best idea. Standby dates are pretty typical of the guy who gets a little nervous about being over-the-top romantic. He goes for the flowers and candy, maybe a private dinner. Maybe he makes her a mixed CD, or they just hang out together, go to lunch, or play a game. While it can be fun to go all-out on Valentine’s Day, there is no reason to feel obligated to do so. It can be way more fun for a couple to just sit around, talking and laughing, purely enjoying each other’s company.

The Hopeless Romantic: Expect to pull out all the stops on this date. This guy is perfectly comfortable with being romantic, and he doesn’t really need any help with ideas. During the day, he surprises her by having roses delivered to her class: 12 red roses, 11 real and one fake, with a line attached to it like, “I will love you until the last rose dies.” He wines and dines his girlfriend; a candlelit dinner in the back corner of an expensive restaurant. She is pleasantly surprised when he orders their meal in flawless French. Long moments are spent staring deeply into each other’s eyes, making quiet conversation. After a fantastic meal, they go on a long stroll through the city, hand in hand. They dance on the boardwalk under the stars to music only they can hear. He points out a star to her, and passes her a paper from the International Star Registry saying that he has had the star named for her. All this might seem like it’s straight out of a movie, like A Walk To Remember or The Notebook, but it can be really fun to be romantic in real life.

The Unpredictable Date: On a date like this, you won’t know what to expect. The guy will do anything out of the ordinary, which might mean not waiting for Valentine’s Day to do something special for his girl. Maybe he’ll take her to a drive-in movie that he set up in his backyard. Or maybe they’ll take a hot-air balloon ride over the city at night, accompanied by champagne and soft music. Unpredictable dates are the best because they are more spontaneous and fun, perfect for the adventure-seeking type. Valentine’s Day dates don’t always have to be super-romantic. Here’s a great example: He sends a messenger to her job and gives her a hand-written note with directions to a location. A scavenger hunt ensues, and at the end of it, he is waiting with a parachute and goggles; they’re going skydiving, which was something he knew she’d always wanted to do.

The Dream Date: As vague as it is elusive, everyone’s idea of a dream date is different — it depends on who you are. Some people would go for the pretty typical mushy stuff. For some, the dream date is a unique experience in which their every wish comes true. Here’s a scenario: She lives in a small, crowded triple with conservative roommates who are always there. So for some quiet time with her beau they usually go to his place. Unfortunately, that means dirty clothes on the floor, beer cans on the shelves, and a bathroom that’s long overdue for a cleaning; she always complains about the mess. So for Valentine’s Day, he cleans his room, spreads a picnic blanket on the floor, and has a cute dinner for two set up in his now spotless room. And let’s not forget what girls can do for their guys on Valentine’s Day. Maybe she knows that he really wants to see an action movie, although he always agrees to see the chick flicks with her. So she volunteers to buy the tickets and surprises him by heading into the theater for the action movie. During the movie, she lets him enjoy it, never leaning over once to ask questions or complain about the violence.

The Singles Date: So what if you’re single? Don’t worry — you’re probably not the only one. On Valentine’s Day, find fun things to do with other single friends. Give each other candy, send one of them flowers from an anonymous Secret Admirer, or go out to dinner with a bunch of friends and make fun of the crazy things that people do on Valentine’s Day. For more fun, try sharing all of your best and worst Valentine’s Day date stories. While Feb. 14 has been called “Singles Awareness Day,” that does not mean that it’s a day to be depressed if you’re single. If you’re single, enjoy it, but be nice to your friends who aren’t. If you’re not single, try not to be too obnoxious about it in front of your single friends.

So whatever your plans are this Valentine’s Day, just make sure to have a little fun. You can treat yourself to a box of chocolates, but, more importantly, be sure to take some time to show your significant other, friend, or family member that you care.