Did you know?

100 years ago
Oct. 14, 1908

The Glee and Mandolin clubs have reunited for the 1908–09 school year. Despite their previous hard times in recruitment, the club is coming off last year’s successful season. That means they’ll have big shoes to fill. Honestly, how could they top last year’s mandolin edition of “Hit ‘em Up Style”?

50 years ago
Oct. 14, 1958

New political groups form on campus. Fourteen members of the Young Republicans met with Vice President Richard Nixon. Young Democrats are also in the process of forming their club. Due to the nature of the clubs, though, problems have started. The Young Republicans have already declared war on Pitt for their attractive women (weapons of mass seduction), and the Young Democrats have put everyone at Tech on tuition welfare, with the proviso of paying twice as much in taxes.

25 years ago
Oct. 16, 1983

WRCT releases their top 10 albums of the week. Topping the list is the Red Hot Chili Peppers with their self-titled album. Remember, this was at a time when the Chili Peppers weren’t very mainstream. U2 was another now famous band that cracked the top 10. It’s amazing how only 25 years can be the difference between underground rock stations and dentist office music.

10 years ago
Oct. 19, 1998

A Tartan staffwriter writes about the weird traditions that link all the alumni of Carnegie Mellon. The article focuses on our strange qualities, like our plaid school colors and The Original Hot Dog Shop, a Carnegie Mellon staple until 2006. Surprisingly, the staffwriter argues that we do have school spirit, but that it is shown in different ways. I don’t believe a word of it. Neither will the 60,000 screaming Tartan fans waving pennants at our homecoming football game.

5 years ago
Oct. 13, 2003

A student falls out of the top bunk of her bed because there was no guard rail attached. She claimed to have requested a guard rail, but did not receive one until after the incident. She never received a confirmation of her request, however, and Housing Services claimed to never have received it. Now, though, they would probably just deny the request, claiming that they didn’t have enough guard rails to go around.

1 year ago
Oct. 15, 2007

Construction on the new Gates Center continues. An additional $9 million for construction was approved due to rising steel prices. In other news, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences has recently been put up for sale on eBay with the starting price of $9 million. The perpetrators of this event are still sought after.