Dating ideas

So, you’re swamped with work and the bookstore drained your bank account. Don’t let that get between you and that special someone. We can show you how to make even one free hour romantic and memorable. Here are a few date locations we suggest:

Kraus Campo

Many people live their entire lives at Carnegie Mellon in ignorance, never knowing about this place. Don’t be one of them. This inconspicuous garden behind CFA, with its illuminated yellow pathway, becomes one of the most romantic locations on campus after dark. Prepare a small midnight picnic and we assure you your date will be mesmerized by the tranquility of the night.
When to go: After 10 p.m.
What to eat: Pack a picnic basket full of sandwiches, chicken salad, fruit, and dessert.
How to get there: Walk up from Hunt toward CFA. It is right in between Tepper and CFA.

Cathedral of Learning

You probably heard of this one before, but it really is spectacular. The view from the 24th floor is not only breathtaking, but also enchanting, exuding a romantic aura.
When to go: After dark.
What to eat: You can make this either casual or formal: Grab some quick food from Kiva Han on the way or prepare your romantic interest a special meal at your place later.
How to get there: Walk up Forbes Avenue toward the University of Pittsburgh. Keep a look out on your right — you can’t miss it.

Mount Washington

Mount Washington is viable only if you have a few extra hours to spare. Pittsburgh might elicit a “blah” from most people on campus, but that in no way undermines the beauty of its skyline — which can be seen from atop this hill. Take the historic Monongahela incline up from Station Square.
When to go: When you have two or three hours to spare.
How to get there: From Forbes and Morewood, board any bus heading downtown. Get off at Fifth Avenue and Wood Street. Transfer to a 41E from there, or walk across the Smithfield Street Bridge to Station Square.

Andy Warhol Museum

Don’t make the “whatever” face just yet. During the daytime, this museum is one of the best choices for a date. It will help you make a lasting impression on your date, who might be used to dates at frat parties and obscene grinding as a way of expressing affection.
When to go: Late afternoon.
What to eat: Finish this “artsy” trip with dinner at a small café.
How to get there: Take an inbound 500 bus from Fifth and Morewood and get off at Isabella and Sandusky streets on the North Side.