After equipment theft, AB Tech faces life without mics

The events of Orientation week that most students remember include Playfair, House Wars, and the Clippership Cruise — not the theft of thousands of dollars’ worth of university property. But this year, a substantial amount of equipment belonging to AB Tech was stolen from the Orientation tent sometime between 11 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 22, and 5 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 23.

University Police believe multiple people were involved in the theft, although they do not currently have any suspects, according to University Police Lieutenant John Race.

One of the items, a drive unit used to control sound during events, was large enough to have required two people as well as a vehicle to transport it, leading police to believe that the operation had been planned.

University Police would not release the exact dollar amount of the value of the missing equipment, but according to Race, “several thousands of dollars; worth of equipment” was taken in various forms of electronic devices, such as microphones.

“Whoever took the [mics] knew what they were doing,” said Matt Williamson, co-chair of AB Tech and a senior in computer science and human-computer interaction.

Lower-quality microphones were left behind, Williamson said, while microphones worth more were taken.

All of the equipment that was stolen was engraved or otherwise marked with “AB Tech,” and the driver unit was contained within a purple case.

Although AB Tech still has enough equipment to run smaller shows, larger events — such as Greek Sing — will require the organization to either rent equipment or purchase new equipment to fill in the gaps in its inventory.

Despite the equipment problems, Williamson remains positive.

“The concerts will happen as planned,” he said.