Did you know?

100 Years AgoApril 10, 1907

Tartan staffwriters poked fun at Princeton University this week in the paper. They wrote about the bedazzling Triangle Club performance the Princeton students put on, saying, “[The song] ‘Mummy Monarch’ ranks with the best in the professional stage.” Continuing, they said that the toe dancing of Mr. Barbee was “exceptionally fine.” Apparently, this was humor in the 1900s.

50 years agoApril 9, 1957

It’s building time! Carnegie Tech introduced plans for three new buildings. Scaled models of Hunt Library, the Dramatic Arts Center, and Carnegie Tech Hall were speckled across The Tartan's pages. Can’t recall the latter two? Neither can we. Anyway, to hell with the past — we have buildings like the Purnell Center and Hamerschlag Hall.

25 Years AgoApril 13, 1982

Carnegie Mellon student Steve Kane came up with an alternative solution when the local district attorney threatened to close down all Pittsburgh shops selling sex aids. His answer: vegetables. Yes, vegetables could hit just the spot for those lonely, horny individuals whose only hope lay in produce (to mold and peel into the shape of their desires). If his idea becomes a trend, let’s just imagine the boost the salad dressing industry will experience.

10 years agoApril 7, 1997

Carnegie Mellon hosted a regional track meet, attracting 13 schools, including Pitt, IUP, and numerous other universities from the Midwest. Top performances for the Tartans were in the javelin throw and the steeplechase. Unbeknownst to others, the winning teams were actually robots constructed by the Robotics Institute. Thus, while most people saw this track meet as a success for Tartan athletes, the scientists behind the story celebrated the fact that the steeplechase robot didn’t melt down after getting wet.

5 years agoApril 15, 2002

Staffwriter Kathleen Fischer wrote about all the good things Carnegie Mellon has to offer. Where others saw oddities and weirdos, Fischer saw the school for what it really is: a breeding ground for creativity and eccentricity. Her article listed 10 reasons Carnegie Mellon isn’t as bad as people think. Those on the list that we still enjoy today include the Kiltie Band, events at Rangos, and chatting with campus employees. Some things, like Entropy and our school mascot, are undergoing revamping so that we may enjoy them even more. Number one on the list, however, is the Original Hot Dog Shop. If Fisher were to visit us today, a tear would surely drop for her shrine turned taco hut.

1 year agoApril 10, 2006

A suspicious stench and lengthy fecal skid mark on the ground attracted much attention at the Hamerschlag dorm. Passers-by merely had to trace the offal on the edifice to discover the room from which it emanated. The police arrived and followed the dung stench into the building to the odious offender’s door. Upon locating the culprit, who confessed to defecating out the window, they cited him for disorderly conduct. Apparently the exhibitionistic pooper ate corn for lunch.