Letters to the editor

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I am writing to respond to Mr. Peters’s assertion that “Egelman and Arasin are both graduate students, which makes one wonder what their commitment is regarding undergraduate concerns.” Joe and I are deeply committed to addressing the concerns of all students on campus, both graduate and undergraduate. With Joe’s three years of experience in Senate, and my two years as an officer in GSA, we understand the issues across the broad spectrum of students at CMU.

The question that should be asked is, “What are the other candidates’ commitments to all students?” Unlike the other candidates, every part of our platform applies to both graduate and undergraduate students. We need leaders to represent all Carnegie Mellon students equally.

Our issues are not graduate issues or undergraduate issues. They are student issues. We plan to promote civic participation through voter registration drives and rides to the polls; promote community participation by getting students involved in off-campus volunteer activities and taking advantage of all that the Cultural District has to offer; promote community accessibility by continuing to lobby for public transportation; and promote student interests on the state and national levels by continuing our efforts to lobby legislators. We plan to unite the campus, rather than simply make promises to the 55 percent of the student body that consists of undergraduate students.

Serge Egelman
Ph.D., software engineering