Sometimes, the perfect antidote to the meal plan can be discovering a great restaurant with delicious, exotic food at good prices, both of which can be found at the Mediterranean Grill.

The Mediterranean Grill, located on Forbes Avenue in Squirrel Hill, is a small restaurant that serves authentic Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food. It’s a little hard to find due to its small facade (the restaurant itself is underground), but certainly worth the trouble.

The Mediterranean Grill offers a variety of reasonably priced entrees, appetizers, and a few desserts. There is great variety in both flavor and price. Appetizers range from simple dishes like hummus to stuffed grape leaves (hot and cold), available with or without meat. Entrees vary as well, including gyros (under $5), in addition to some more upscale options, such as filet mignon. All meals are served with heated pita bread, which is brought out before the main course.

At the Grill, the atmosphere is very relaxed and the dress is casual (jeans and a nice shirt will be fine). The restaurant is small and has a limited number of tables, and it is not unusual to find a line to get in. The food may also require a wait, though the servers are friendly and check on their tables often. Because of the small space, the tables inside are a little crowded. Still, this tightness helps create an intimate setting.

The Mediterranean Grill is a BYOB restaurant, so there is no bar or alcohol available on the menu; you can, however, bring your own (as long as you’re of age, of course). If alcohol isn’t your thing, the Grill makes a great mint iced tea to order with your food.

If you’re with other people, your entrees may not arrive at the same time. They won’t be too far apart, but a one- to two-minute gap is not unusual. The food, however, is well worth the wait. Regardless of the type of food you choose, you are sure to be pleased by the selection. Some great dishes include the stuffed grape leaves, gyros, shish tawook (tawook means chicken), and the tawook salad. Mediterranean Grill salads all come tossed with the house dressing, so if you’d like a plain salad you’ll have to ask in advance.

Next time you’re up for an off-campus meal, head over to Squirrel Hill and give the Mediterranean Grill a try.