Did you know?

100 years ago
April 3, 1907

A student by the name of “Gallagher” challenged any worthy competitor to a lemonade-drinking contest. Gallagher’s record, 14 cups in 30 minutes, was rather intimidating. To reign supreme, competitors would have to drink a cup every two minutes. Thankfully, today we have outgrown competitions as childish as drinking contests.

50 years ago
April 2, 1957

Carnegie Tech presented the philosophical play titled Time Is a Dream. Critics described the play as “a treatment of the unreality and relativity of time and life.” The students, however, had a different take. One student replied that time is a dream, but only because her professors made it that way. Another student said that time isn’t a dream, especially when there are only five minutes left during an exam.

25 years ago
April 1, 1982

Carnegie Mellon’s yearly spoof newspaper, The Natrat, covered a soccer game against the Punxsutawney Pee Wees. The Natrats were totally devastated with a final score of 98–1, the lone Natrat goal was scored when “the goalie had to go pee pee and left the goal for a minute.” On the up side, the Natrats had two more chances to redeem themselves in the coming days, when they were scheduled to compete against the Johnstown Juniors, followed by the Mount Lebanon Girl Scout Troop.

10 years ago
April 7, 1997
There was an interesting juxtaposition of characters in Pittsburgh this week. The separatist hate group, the Ku Klux Klan, rallied in downtown Pittsburgh, where they were met with much opposition, including protesters from Carnegie Mellon. Also this week, the Easter bunny visited campus — albeit it was just a person in a costume made to look like the real thing.

5 years ago
March 25, 2001
The website youcandealwithit.com depicted a suited woman looking up at a clock under the caption, “If time is money, how come I have so much of one and not the other?” In light of popular college stereotypes, this statement could be deconstructed in the following ways: It works for CFA, H&SS, and Tepper; it should be reversed for CIT (no time, but some money); and it doesn’t apply at all for MCS (they have neither money nor time). Indeed, Carnegie Mellon has diversity!

1 year ago
April 3, 2006
The Tartan addressed the issue of online information disclosure by users of Facebook in an article called “Facebook filled with interest and ignorance.” With close to 70 percent of Carnegie Mellon students (as of late 2005) engaged in the social networking website, the article was well-timed. According to the article, the revolutionary social mechanism enables students to befriend, post messages to, and stalk others without needing to leave the comfort of their room. This is clearly something our already introverted college can do without!