Statistically Speaking

With the price of birth control increasing at college and university health centers nationwide, young women across the country have had to reconsider their contraception options. If you (or your partner) is one of them, here are some statistics to consider:

Percentage of women aged 15–44 who are sexually active and not using contraception: 7.4

Percentage of women aged 15–44 who are on the pill: 19

Year the FDA approved over-the-counter status for Plan B emergency contraception: 2006

Number of unwanted pregnancies that wide access to Plan B could prevent each year: 1.7 million

Total amount requested by President Bush to fund abstinence-only education for the 2007 fiscal year: $204 million

Total amount of tax dollars to be spent on abstinence-only programs if Congress approves the 2008 budget: 1.1 billion+